Asian Tour Wrap Up

Having performed in front of thousands of Friends in Thailand and Japan last year, Mocca has flown back out of Indonesia to fulfill much stronger demands from Friends in Singapore and Malaysia. During the week of 22 January 2006 they performed a total of seven concerts in seven different venues – that is almost one concert per day.

Mocca used this momentum to re-launch their debut album “My Diary”, which was fully promoted by a Singapore-based company Fruit Records.

When asked about his expectations abroad, Mocca’s guitarist Riko stated, “It is our hope that we could inspire other Indonesian bands to do the same [internationally]. We all know that going for international gigs is not nearly as easy as it is for foreign bands to come into Indonesian market.”

Mocca’s vocalist-flutist Arina Ephiphania admitted, “I felt happy but also worried. The reason was because only five of us went [without brass sections] and the concert series was back-to-back between Singapore-Malaysia-Singapore-Malaysia all within a week. The sessions were longer than normal, indeed. But we loved every single minute of it!”.

It was truly an honor for Mocca to have a gig inside the famous Petronas Twin Towers. Previously, no band was ever allowed to perform inside the venue. Even Peter Pan was only allowed to play outdoors near the towers, but never inside. All in all, Mocca left an everlasting impression to the citizens of a great city such as Kuala Lumpur.

In details, Mocca performed at the following gigs:
Earshot, Singapore, 22 Januari 2006
No Black Tie, Malaysia, 24 Januari 2006
La Bodega Lounge, Malaysia, 25 Januari 2006
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Singapore, 27 Januari 2006**
Café Cosmo, Singapura, 27 Januari 2006
Home Club, Singapore, 28 Januari 2006**
Kuala Lumpur City Center – Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia, 1 February 2006*

* Note:
For additional coverage on Malaysia concert series, please visit (courtesy of Fairy Mahdzan in Kuala Lumpur).

** Note:
Registered Friends will be able to download selected video clips from these gigs after 17 March 2006.

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