Mocca Menjadi Sahabat Bung Instan

Jakarta 2 Mei 2006 – Sahabat Bung Instan kali ini adalah Mocca. Band asal Bandung ini memiliki warna musik yang khas dan berani dalam menampilkan berbagai referensi budaya pop yang mereka salurkan dari penggabungan melodi, harmoni serta lirik yang unik. Walaupun Mocca tegak dan berdiri pada sebuah perusahaan rekaman indie label, hal tersebut tidak menutupi … [Read more…]

Mocca to Launch Podcast and Make More Friends

You can download Mocca’s Wonderland now! It is an introductory 20-minute Premiere Podcast episode (just like a radio talk-show but distributed on-line, not on-air), which marks the beginning of their monthly offerings to all Friends (once again, that is what we call the members of Mocca Friends Club). Packed with fun conversation pieces among the … [Read more…]

Asian Tour Wrap Up

Having performed in front of thousands of Friends in Thailand and Japan last year, Mocca has flown back out of Indonesia to fulfill much stronger demands from Friends in Singapore and Malaysia. During the week of 22 January 2006 they performed a total of seven concerts in seven different venues – that is almost one … [Read more…]

Mocca to meet Friends in Bandung

Jakarta – 26 April 2006 – Five weeks after its official launch of Mocca Friends Club, it is now time for the band to meet and greet their loyal fans with the support of local pop radio station in Bandung. Mocca hopes to continue the momentum it has gained since the full launch of Mocca … [Read more…]