“Colours”: The Brand New Album in april 2007!

At last, we have a chance to give updates on what we have been busy doing in the past few months.

Since December last year we have been focusing our time and energy on writing and recording new songs for our third album. The brand new album, “Colours”, is due for release in March 2007. Recorded with many extraordinary musicians from Sweden and our beloved city of Bandung, Indonesia, this album promises to be exceptional. They are Pelle Carlberg (Edson, Sweden), Dewi Lestari, Ant (70’s Orgasm Club), Bez (Olive Tree), El William (Vincent Vega), Elang (Polyester Embassy), and Rekti (The S.I.G.I.T.). The album is full of intricate layers of sounds of trumpet, clarinet, piano and violin.

We spent two months recording at two studios, Aru and Massive, and then mixed it at Studio 8. All are located in Bandung.

As usual we took turns in the recording process at Aru Studio. Indra went in first to lay down his drumbeats. Then followed by Toma for his bass, Rico for his guitar, and finally Arina for her vocals. Sometimes to wrap up the recording of a song we included a few additional instruments.

Towards the end of the recording of the album, with four songs to left to do, we wondered how much further can we push this album to make it stand out from our previous albums. Finally we were struck by the idea of doing live recordings. We got excited with that, and decided to do all four songs live in the studio. The results invigorated our album and very much satisfied all of us.

In the end, we completed fourteen songs for this album. All of them will be packaged in a beautiful cover designed by Indra, Riko and Iyo, our friend, who is a very talented graphic designer.

We are very excited about our upcoming album, and we hope you are too. Don’t miss it!

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