Mocca Friends Club to be Launched Soon

Jakarta – 17 March 2006 – In only after two weeks after launching their premiere Podcast show called Mocca Wonderland, the band has made a remarkable impact both at home and abroad; in countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and Japan.

Mocca announces the full launch of Mocca Friends Club ( Starting on 17 March 2006, fans will find creative, innovative and informative fan club materials and services that reflect the true friendly personality of Mocca’s personnel and respond to the desires of Friends. To do this, Mocca has teamed up with Vice Versa (, a fan base builder based in Singapore.

The benefits for being a member include: preferred seating and “Meet & Greet” participation at all Mocca headlining concerts, opportunities to participate in travel packages to see Mocca perform in cool places around the world, zones of where members have access to exclusive podcast episodes, wallpapers and photos, and lastly, an access to members-only online chats with Mocca personnel.

An indie-pop site in Italy ( has generously praised Mocca’s podcasting effort as “the perfect 1960s style radio talk-show”. With an unplugged version of the song “Lucky Man” at the end of the episode, the Italian music critics referred to Mocca’s music as “the one that improves The Cardigans with a layer of extra candor.” Also they mentioned Mocca’s singer Arina Simangunsong as “Nina Persson with almond eyes”.

The launch is scheduled in conjunction with the inaugural Dunhill Soundshine 2006 on 18 March 2006, brought to Jakarta by FFWD Records ( and Aksara Records ( According to Hanindito Sidharta, A & R director of Aksara records, the Soundshine gig was going to be an annual event for independent bands.

The Soundshine gig will feature White Shoes & The Couples Company, established by graduates from the Jakarta Arts Institute, and the Kings of Convenience (, a band of two Norwegian guys, Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Boe playing acoustic guitars to folk-pop melodies. With only three albums in hand, the duo has been referred to as a combination of Simon & Garfunkel and Nick Drake by the English paper The Guardian (

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