Mocca to Launch Podcast and Make More Friends

You can download Mocca’s Wonderland now! It is an introductory 20-minute Premiere Podcast episode (just like a radio talk-show but distributed on-line, not on-air), which marks the beginning of their monthly offerings to all Friends (once again, that is what we call the members of Mocca Friends Club).

Packed with fun conversation pieces among the band members and an unplugged version of Lucky Man, they have created this into a collectible audio show. Please feel free to share this Mocca’s Wonderland to as many Friends as possible.

“Mocca is reinventing the way Indonesian bands convey their message across the online medium to the fans. Audio podcast is just one the beginning of the band’s project. Wait until you see what Mocca can do with video podcast. They are absolutely fabulous!” said Indi Soemardjan, Vice Versa’s Business Manager.

Load it your MP3 player, so that you can listen to it anywhere you like. In the car, at school, anywhere… Or if you don’t have a MP3 player, you can listen to our show on the computer which is just as fun.

After 17 March 2006 Mocca Wonderland will only be available to registered Friends.

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