Mocca to meet Friends in Bandung

Jakarta – 26 April 2006 – Five weeks after its official launch of Mocca Friends Club, it is now time for the band to meet and greet their loyal fans with the support of local pop radio station in Bandung.

Mocca hopes to continue the momentum it has gained since the full launch of Mocca Friends Club ( five weeks ago. On Friday, 28 April 2006 beginning at 8:00pm onwards, the band will host a fan base party called “Pop on the Air”. Hundreds of fan club members are expected to gather at Plaza Dago in Bandung, an Indonesian city of 2.2 million people, to share their love for the homegrown band Mocca.

In collaboration with OZ 103.1 FM, the city’s major pop radio station, the band will perform on an outdoor stage complete with live-radio broadcast for one full hour. This show is also an event for the band to release its second podcast episode of the Mocca Wonderland series. A wireless internet hotspot around the venue is expected to be used by fans to immediately download the podcast episode from the website. The band also plans to give away free albums to a dozen lucky fans.

Mocca’s premiere podcast episode, an MP3-based 20-minute talk show, has been downloaded and listened to by hundreds of international fans in only less than four weeks. Mocca’s fan base management partner in Singapore, Vice Versa (, reported that 25% of the listeners had shared the podcast audio files to at least five close friends in their circles. Contrary to conventional copyright norms, Mocca has chosen more friendly gesture; it has encouraged fans to share the files to as many people as possible, thus enabling the band to multiply the musical message across physical and international boundaries in virtually no time.

In general, Mocca Friends Club membership has attracted music lovers in Southeast Asian countries as well as those in parts of Europe. Since 17 March 2006, Mocca’s website has recorded at least 3,000 unique visitors worldwide, which translates to a total of 15,600 hits. As far as fan metrics are concerned, Vice Versa reported that more than 90% percent of Mocca fans are below 25 years of age. Surprisingly, 72% of Mocca fans are found to be male, residing in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Japan.

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