Mocca’s Rockumentary: Life Keeps On Turning


Memory lies forever, and for recalling the memory one should keep it in photo album, but for Goodnews Film, they keep it in a movie documenter, or in their term a rockumentary.

It’s start in mid-2011 when Ari Rusyadi and Nicholas Yudifar -the director-heard an indie-pop folk swing jazz bossanova group, Mocca from Bandung will take an short-break in music scene for the vocalist Arina have married and moved to Long Beach, United States with her husband. Mocca establish on 1999 in Bandung, West Java with Arina Ephipania Simangunsong (vocals and flute), Riko Prayitno (guitar), Ahmad Pratama aka Toma (bass) and Indra Massad (drums)

This week the movie will screening at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space on 11th May 2012 6.30 PM. Accompanied by discussion with Ari Rusyadi and Nicholas Yudifar and Rico Prayitno from Mocca.

“This is our premiere in Bandung after we had the World Premiere in Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF) and after we go to Semarang” said Nicho, asking why they put the term rockumentary in the movie thriller in Vimeo he replied “A rockumentary basically is documentary about music, it’s Ari’s idea to put it in our title in purpose to familiarize the term”

Mocca: Life Keeps on Turning is one of selection movie for JAFF at Jogjakarta in December 2011. “I followed the works of these young talented directors, last year we want to have a movie-music program, finally we asked them to be the part of our selection along with several movie-music themes such as; Baby Arabia (Thailand) and Rakenrol (Philipina)” explain Damar Ardi, the movie programmer of JAFF. “This is their long movie debut, Ari and Nicho also known as short-movie director, and technically the shoots are neatly tailored”

Nicho laugh for remember the story behind JAFF “the programmer ask to us for screening the movie 2 month before the festival, thanks to Damar finally we’ve got the courage to do the final edit, actually, we’re done the editing one week before the screening schedule”

I was there in Jogjakarta at second screening the viewer is so enthusiasm, the ticket was sold-out that day and the auditorium capacity was only for 220 people but the spectator flooded, they seated themselves on the floor. The organizer from JAFF allows audience to join in because they see how good the response for this movie. “We’ve got 300-400 audience in this Festival, and the movie become the most popular screening” Ari add.

Mocca had their last show in Jakarta July 15th 2011 and a week after they had their secret gigs in Itenas (National Institute of Technique) in Bandung. The movie consists of booth footage in the venue and the short documentation of Swinging Friends -a call for Mocca fans. That was also a support how close they band with its fans that have involved them into this movie. How Wonderful Life Would Be became the opening song for the movie viewing pieces of shoot from different camera of their fans with their testimony on it in the bus heading to Mocca’s last concert. The intimacy builds by the interview of Mocca’s personnel about their story after 12 together and has to deal with this moment, fans and the most important included testimony from another indie-musician.

The movie combine a well-collected footage with well-known songs of Mocca such as Me and My Boyfriend, Hyperballad, Life keeps on Turning, I remember and My Diary which is produce an atmosphere of strong memory for us -even those not familiar with Mocca though- to share the melancholy and the romance of a farewell.

This 77 minutes movie was shot in various parts of the concert, the footage of fans’s documentation and also involved several visual artist from Bandung and Jogjakarta such Muhammad Akbar, Yusuf Ismail and Videorobber. Produced by Vira Yudhanto and Ari Rusyadi and with Associate Producer Anggun Priambodo and Didya Adakita.

This is a good way to say goodbye. Recalling the beautiful memories instead of sharing the tears of sadness.

The ticket price sold in Rp.15.000 and available at Omuniuum, Loubelle Shop, and Unkle347 flagship store. The movie can be followed at Twitter @selasarsunaryo @swinggingfriends and @moccaofficial

“Do come and sing a long with us” Ari closed our conversation.

this was written by Riksa Affiaty for The Jakarta Globe as a preview for one of our screenings

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