#SingWithMocca Global Contest: THE RESULT

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At the end of 2015, SmuleNesians — an Indonesian Community of Smule Sing! App users, cooperating with MOCCA — an Indonesian Indie band, made a singing contest on the Smule Sing! app, namely: #SingWithMocca Global Contest. In the contest, Arina, MOCCA’s vocalist, sang an Open Call duet of their beautiful single “Stars in Your Eyes”, and joined by almost 200 contestants from Indonesia and from abroad!

And now, we will reveal the result of the Contest. The Winner of the #SingWithMocca Global Contest is:

Dara Septika Natalia Anggraeni

As the Winner of the Contest, MOCCA will fly her to Jakarta, Indonesia, to get her a chance to perform with MOCCA on the 2nd SN GIGS, singing the victory song: “Stars In Your Eyes”. She also will get a MOCCA CD of their Newest Album: HOME, a MOCCA T-Shirt, a MOCCA’s Vinyl, and SmuleNesians’ T-shirt.

Besides the Winner, MOCCA also choose these 9 Runner-Ups because of their awesome performances:

The Runner-Ups will get a MOCCA CD of their Newest Album: HOME, a MOCCA T-Shirt, and SmuleNesians’ T-shirt.

Both MOCCA and SmuleNesians congratulate the Winner and all the Runner-Ups, and give high gratitudes to all Smule Sing! users who participated in the Contest. Special thanks is also given to Smule for their full support on the Contest.

Keep singing, keep inspiring each other and we will see you again in other upcoming events!

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