Vincent Vega feat. Arina MoccA – Shane (Live Acoustic)

Penampilan akustik dari @vincentvegaband bersama @arinaephipania membawakan lagu “Shane”. Aaaaah…udah lama banget gak dengerin lagu ini. Manggung2 lagi dong kakak2 Vincent Vega!!

Yuk diliat2 profilnya Vincent Vega di website ini


It’s a lousy room. in a lousy part of a lousy town
For a moment I wonder..
Do women defend themselves by attacking?
Just as they attack by strange and sudden
Surrenders..Its sentimental tacky trap..
We’re just a bunch of sad..Regret is such a waste of time
You make yourself to available
It never hurts to grease the wheels just a little..

You’re trying to tell my future
You’re looking on the wrong side
You were expecting to see someone you trusted and
met the enemy instead
Don’t go back Do not go back there

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